Private Revelations 2


What we have

                        done together










“Work together and be a

network of Love and Mercy.” - Our Lady of Emmitsburg


What we have accomplished together:

2011’s Year in Review

As we look ahead to the new year, listening for God’s direction, as to what He would like us to accomplish in the next twelve months, it’s good to take a quick look backward and reflect on what has been accomplished together to this point.
   In the later part of 2011, we gathered up the results of the strides we have made together.  What is presented below are the numerical totals of those efforts, which provides concrete evidence as to how active Our Lady of Emmitsburg actually is!
  You are a critical part of this amazing work of God, it takes the both of us.  We can write all the articles about Our Lady, present all the books about her, and deliver all the messages about her, but, if you do not respond to those offers, and pass on the word to others, our work lies dormant.  Thankfully, that is far from the case.  You have responded in glorious measure!  Look at the impact we are making together in Our Lady’s plan.

As of 2011;

* In FREE printed materials alone, more than one half million messages from Our Lady of Emmitsburg have been disseminated;


* Approximately 10 thousands newspapers are in circulation that present introductory information about Our Lady ofEmmitsburg;


* Private Revelation 12:1 web site receives thousands of hits each day, reaching over 2 million hits this year.  This has been an upward trend for the last several years.   


* Private Revelation 12:1 FREE e-newsletter is currently approaching the 4000 subscribers mark.  If you have not yet subscribed, you can do it here.


* Private Revelations enewsletter is ranked as one of the Top Organizations with its e-newsletter provider, as it receives among the highest numbers of “opens” and “click throughs” from the provider’s large client base;


* The Our Lady of Emmitsburg Wordwide Prayer Group is now taking place all over the US; well as, internationally; from Asia to Africa, Europe to South America and all the territories in between.  (We have been invited to attend many of those prayer group meetings, to pray with and speak to the groups.  We are making plans to visit more of those prayer groups in 2012.)


* And last but by no means least, Immaculate Heart and Soul, a publication we designed for those without Internet access and for those who desire a hard copy of the messages has grown to a distribution level of both national and international readers.


Our Lady of Emmitsburg's network now connects to the world through print, electronic, and technologic media.


And the best is yet to come!

See Agenda, 2012