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Welcome to Private Revelations 2

Welcome to Private Revelations 2  (PR2), an add on web site to the original, Private Revelations 12:1 (PR) website. 
  PR2 is now linked with, and blended with, the original web site, Private Revelations 12:1.  This new addition will not change any of the pages you have told us work well for you.  But, it will enable you to read new information presented in easy and more efficient ways.


We built the original PR website in 2005, almost an eon ago by Internet standards.  Since that time, many web page innovations have improved the readability, organization, and navigation of web pages.  Because we are constantly striving to provide you with all the things needed to stay informed, we have taken new steps and have added new web pages containing elements to keep you updated in the most comfortable and organized ways available.
  However, we did not want to add new elements and subtract the pages you like, as new features had to be added “globally” to the original site.  That means when a new feature is implemented, it affects every page on the site, changing things – the things you dislike, as well as, those you like.  
  Time and time again, you have reported to us that the information on the PR site was easy to find, easy to read, and easy to navigate, especially when it comes to the reading of the prophecies, very complex  information. 
  The dissemination of the prophecies of Our Lady of Emmitsburg  is a primary part of our mission.  We need to keep and maintain the things that are serving you well, allowing us to successfully accomplish our objectives.  Therefore, there are things on the PR site that need to remain as they are. 
  On the other hand, we also received emails from you asking for an easier way to read about the developing portions of the prophecies of Our Lady of Emmitsburg and an easier way to read the “Daily Message”.  According to your comments, you are not fond of endless scrolling up and down the page to find information (we don’t like that much either).
  So, the question became, “How do we keep what is working well and add new features?”   The Solution:  A new site, Private Revelations 2, linked with the original site Private Revelations 12:1. 
    The pages you like on the original site remain intact, while the new PR2 site includes the type of presentation features you’ve asked for.  This change is most dramatically seen in the new broader page provided by the PR2 site.  The new page gives the advantage of better organization of information, better lay outs, and easier reading.
  We will continue to build up PR2 so that it will provide you with ease of reading and enable you to quickly access information, especially during these critical times.  We will also continue to alert you to the developments of the prophecies, as they unfold.  Now, we can do so twice as efficiently as before, with PR and PR2! 


To get to the new site, PR2, simply go to the original site,
Private Revelations 12:1, (PR)
and click on the
"Private Revelations 2"
button on the side bar. 
And, you're there!    
To access Private Revelations 2 without have to stop at
Private Revelations 12:1,
enter in this URL:
  Don't worry if you forget the address, it is posted in the upper left hand portion of every
page on the PR2 site.  

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