Private Revelations 2

This series, Messages to the World from Our Lady of Emmitsburg, is a monumental undertaking:  It contains all of the public messages given by Our Lady of Emmitsburg to the world in one series.

Although our publications- Immaculate Heart and Soul (I.H.S.) and our newspaper, The Northern Regional Times, (now retired)- disseminated the complete list of Our Lady of Emmitsburg’s public messages several times over, this book is our first publication that presents Our Lady of Emmitsburg's , messages for the world in chronological order. 
Until now, the Internet has been the sole guardian of the chronological list of Our Lady’s messages; however, for many reasons, we believe the time has come to safeguard that list on the Internet, as we have all seen how quickly the Internet can fail. 

Sunspots, solar flares, storms, earthquakes and more affect access to on-line material.  Considering the frequency in which those events are now occurring, it’s apparent the time has come to “back up” the Internet’s list of Our Lady’s messages, placing them in the safest and most accessible place possible, right in your hands.
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Volume I contains the first public messages Our Lady of Emmitsburg gave to the world, beginning in 1993 with the messages given once per week, at the Thursday evening Marian Prayer Group meeting, at St. Joseph Catholic Church, Emmitsburg, Maryland.  Subsequent volumes contain all of the following public messages given to the world through 2008.
On occasion, someone will mention they have already read Our Lady’s public messages and ask why they should continue to read them again.  We LOVE that question, as it gives us an opportunity to relay critical information. 

Our Lady is not like us.  She only speaks when she has something important to say.  Her words are not disposable pieces of information, as our words sometimes are.  Rather, they are messages from Heaven and contain many levels of insights.  Each time a message is read, deeper and broader meaning pours out from it.  In addition, many of Our Lady of Emmitsburg’s public messages disclose prophetic material.  Reading the prophetic material after it has been given allows the reader to perceive how the prophecies are unfolding.  Other messages Our Lady has given to the world give timeless spiritual guidance and direction, advice that is unchanging. 
However, the world changes and we change too, so each time we re-read Our Lady’s messages, we are reading them under new circumstances, with new eyes.  When this element is couple with the ongoing, ever giving qualities of Our Lady’s messages, humanity truly receives an extraordinary “gift that keeps giving”.  For all of these reasons, Our Lady of Emmitsburg’s messages are even more relevant today than the day they were given.

Therefore, in the most emphatic terms possible, we strongly advocate for the ongoing reading and re-reading of Our Lady of Emmitsburg’s messages.  We also add a note of caution against inadvertently underestimating Our Lady’s messages.  They are ageless and will no doubt be read by those who will come after us for a very long time, just as all the pervious messages coming from other Marian apparitions are read and re-read by future generations.
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