Private Revelations 2





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“Dear children of humanity...”;

These are among the most powerful words in existence. 

Are they powerful because of their complexity or density?  No.  They are powerful because they were spoken by God, the Father Almighty.



It began on Trinity Sunday, May 22, 2005. Gianna Talone Sullivan is enraptured in an apparition of the Blessed Mother. Her face is lit up like 10,000 votive candles are encircling it. Heaven sparkles in her eyes.

Then, something new happens.

During the apparition, Gianna begins to speak. But this time, it’s not the words of the Blessed Mother she is repeating. In a most profound move on Heaven’s part, Gianna begins hearing the words of God the Father, which she repeats aloud.  

“Dear children of humanity…”, is the greeting heard that day, the greeting that will be used by God the Father as He speaks to His children, in this special way, for the next several years.

On December 8, 2005, The Feast of the Immaculate Conception, the words of God the Father that were heard that Trinity Sunday were released to the world. This release begins what will become a regular occurrence: On the 8th of each month, the newest words given to Gianna Sullivan, by God the Father, through auditory locutions, are released to the world.

All of these messages have been posted on the Internet. However due to recent world events, we have seen how access to the World Wide Web can be restricted to an entire country in a moment. This makes us realized that what is available today may not be available tomorrow. Therefore to ensure that these special words are never lost, we have decided to print them, entrusting them into your faithful hands.


There is no doubt, we live in amazing times.  We live in times when we are permitted to hear and read special words from Heaven, words that saints have begged to hear and read.  We also live in times when the culture of death surrounds us, smothers us, almost.  We live in times when the just ones cry out to God for a remedy.  We live in times when an unprecedented number of Heavenly messages are given to humanity, which contain the remedy, if only we will read the words from Heaven- if only we will listen.  That opportunity is before us in this moment, “Dear children of humanity..”

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