Private Revelations 2


Things to Come: 
A look at what's planned for 2012






Feeding the eagle


Here’s a little story with a big moral, a moral that has helped formed our plans for 2012. 
  There was once a repentant sinner under the supervision of a renowned spiritual director.  The penitent spent time in prayer and meditation, searching for the reasons that motivated his sinfulness.  He turned to his spiritual director for help in addressing this issue, one of the most important issues of his life.
  He said, “Father, I feel like there are two opposing forces living within in me.  One part is like a majestic eagle, capable of soaring to the greatest heights in service to God.  When I am like the eagle I am filled with love and praise for God and love for others.  The other part of me is like a wolf from hell.  When I am like the wolf I am hateful, rebellious, selfish and prideful." 
  “Father”, he tearfully continued, “which one am I ?”
  Without missing a beat the old priest answered, “You are the one you feed”.
  During this critical year of preparation, we have planned a jam-packed year filled with food for the eagle living inside of us all.  Each new event, program, or service we have planned, has the feeding of the eagle as one of its primary objectives. 
  Through the grace of God, when the best part of us is acknowledged and nurtured we can become strong, capable of overcoming our weaknesses –  capable of overcoming the wolf within.  And with God’s help, we can reach our fullest potential, soaring to the heights, accomplishing the magnificent mission(s) for which we have each been created.

May God bless us and protect us in this new year, and may God Bless America. 

New evangelization materials for both long time followers of Our Lady of Emmitsburg and for those who have not yet met Our Lady of Emmitsburg; as well as, skeptical friends and family members are currently being developed and will be disseminated this year;

New technological ways for you to receive information about Our Lady of Emmitsburg and new ways for you to connect with other followers is now being set into place;

Additional ways for you to gather spiritual preparedness items and materials is currently under construction and will be implemented this year;


New ways and methods to expand your Our Lady of Emmitsburg’s World Wide Prayer Group will also be offered this year;

 And the new website expansion, Private Revelations 2, bringing you more efficient ways of reading information on the web has now begun.


  Naturally, not all of these developments will occur at one time, but will be initiated throughout the year.  As the items on our agenda for 2012 come into being, so to speak, we will keep you updated through enewsletters.