Private Revelations 2




…Please listen to my words, for I speak from Heaven;
and ponder the Truth
in your heart
Our Lady of Emmitsburg

Messages to the World
Our Lady of Emmitsburg
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Until now the chronological list of Our Lady of Emmitsburg's messages were housed on the Internet.
But as we have seen the Internet can fail.

Therefore we now need to place these messages in the safest and most accessible place possible...
right in your hands!

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Welcome to Private Revelations 2
The prophecies of Our Lady of Emmitsburg are unfolding, requiring enhanced ways of bringing you this story.  Therefore this new website has been built to accommodate the extra information. MORE

Our Lady of Emmitsburg's

World Wide Prayer Group

Held on  The First Sunday of each month

in private homes all over the world!

World Wide Prayer Group

Message for April, 2017




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